We build luxurious spaces for
living, working, and relaxing

We design and build Tiny House mobile homes and modular houses made of wood to suit your needs. They include high-standard finishes using the best materials and are equipped with convenient solutions.

We possess extensive experience in construction with the use of wood. We know what materials will work best for you. All you have to do is tell us where you want to place your house.

We place the houses on wheels so that you can easily transport them or set them permanently. Select your house and locate it anywhere you want, legally, without formalities – even on a plot in a forest.

6 key information about the houses we build


Relax as you please. Live or work surrounded by nature. Let us know what house you need, and we’ll build it for you.


Tell us what style you like, without which you just can’t imagine everyday life, and how you want to use your house, and we will design it for you so that there won’t be anything missing.


We have extensive experience in building with wood. We work with the best carpenters and craftsmen. We are committed to providing you with the space you need.


Customised furniture? Extra storage room? Air conditioning? We will equip your home with everything you need.


We construct a mobile home. We put it on a foundation or a trailer, so you can easily transport it to another location. Feel the freedom this solution gives you.


We use certified wood and high quality eco-friendly materials to build our houses. It is not worth saving on durability.