Pinehaus Forest #3

You will find everything you need to start using the building as soon as it is built. And that includes soap and towels in the bathroom.


Basic information:
  • Total length including drawbar approx. 8.70 m
  • Usable length approx. 7.20 m
  • Width approx. 2.55 m
  • Height approx. 3.99 m
  • Living area: 26 m²
  • Ground floor: approx. 18.36 m²
  • Upper floor: approx. 7.65 m²
  • a renowned two-axis VLEMMIX chassis with a length of 7.2 m,
  • floor reinforced with thick galvanized sheet metal,
  • certified Scandinavian spruce C24 45×95 mm structure,
  • Tyvek UV Facade and Tyvek Pro membrane,
  • Rockwool 100 mm,
  • interior finished with multilayer SWP board made of natural wood – Scandinavian spruce,
  • aluminum-zinc seam sheet,
  • 20 mm thick Scandinavian spruce facade,
  • double-glazed windows with a large sliding entrance window,
  • indoor and outdoor LED lighting,
  • efficient Bosch water heater,
  • Rotenso air conditioning with an Imoto WIFI unit and heating function,
  • 230V and 400V connection,
  • water connection.
  • 2 x 140×200 cm mattress,
  • bedside lamp,
  • raised frame – storage space under the mattress,
  • Electrolux induction board,
  • Electrolux fridge and freezer,
  • Primagran kitchen sink,
  • flexible Primagran tap,
  • IKEA furniture with original oak fronts.
  • Separett Villa 9000 waterless self composting toilet,
  • shower cabin with a rain shower,
  • GROHE tap.

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