We have unrivalled experience in our profession.


As we build more wooden structures, we also build our experience. Our story begins in 1985, when we opened the Drewnotex Woodworking Plant, which is successfully operating to this day. However, we did not stop there.


The growing demand for timber has encouraged us to expand our services to include importing this raw material. But it’s not just wood. Our many years of experience in the construction industry and an increasing number of projects encouraged us to expand our offerings to include selling professional accessories, screws, paints, specialised fasteners, fittings and so on. However, the next step was truly groundbreaking.


With craftsmanship skills and a wealth of woodworking knowledge, 32 years after Drewnotex was founded, we began designing and building modern and minimalist garden structures. Users quickly recognised their quality. The trust expressed resulted in a growing number of orders, which we continue to deliver today under the Pinegard brand successfully.


We always try to meet the expectations of our customers. That is why, when demand arose for developing empty spaces with tiny houses; we permanently introduced them into our offer. 


Two years after we started building our first houses, we decided to put together concrete solutions and create a ready-made offer. Based on the experience of our carpenters and fitters and the knowledge of the designers we work with, who can account for the amazing yacht interiors, we decided to continue our work under the Pinehaus brand. We focused our business on constructing tiny houses and stationary modular wooden houses. We create comfortable spaces using the best materials.