Tiny house

A mobile home of up to 35 m2, often covering a surface area of just a dozen or so meters, set on wheels – that is the Tiny House. Such a house offers a small living space where you can relax, work, or simply escape everyday life.


At Pinehaus, we build such houses using the highest quality wood. We set them on a chassis that allows you to travel with them. The Tiny House mobile home is perfect for leisure, and it can be placed almost anywhere.

What is Tiny House?

Tiny houses on wheels are an idea that has its roots in the United States. However, they become more and more popular in Europe with each day. Designed and built to be easily movable, they resemble traditional houses in their shape. Built using standard techniques, they include all necessary systems. Therefore, it is possible to separate a living room, bedroom, and kitchen, as well as a bathroom with a toilet.

Tiny house - minimum space, maximum comfort

The Tiny House represents the mobile home of choice for those dreaming of a small home. For many of them, this minimalism and nomadic lifestyle signify the ideas they follow. There is even talk of a tiny house movement – a social movement where people consciously live in small spaces. They are abandoning consumerism, replacing it with simplicity, and choosing this frugal and independent lifestyle. However, the Tiny House mobile home is also the perfect space for those who only need a change from time to time.

The Tiny House is a completely self-contained mobile home. Its design includes all necessary and convenient systems – both hydraulics and electricity. Thanks to this, it offers access to running water and electricity. That is why you don’t have to give up on comfort when moving from home to a Tiny House for some time.

Standard tiny houses offer the space of a dozen or so meters, and a maximum of 35 m2. It is not a spacious interior, but the dedicated solutions make it very comfortable. It is possible to separate a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom in such a small space.

Advantages of a Tiny House

A mobile Tiny House includes numerous advantages. First, it is a building that can be set virtually anywhere. Moreover, you can easily transport it to a given plot. A mobile house on wheels is a solution favoured by many who wish to move freely. What are the other advantages of a Tiny House?

  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space. Thanks to this, we save space for the remaining infrastructure.
  • It is mobile. Thanks to its trailer positioning and compact size, it can be driven on Polish roads.
  • It includes a multifunctional interior. The ability to arrange the space to correspond with all the rooms of a standard house is very convenient.
  • Thanks to the included systems and proper insulation, it can be used all year round.